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I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! I wish you all the health, love and joy in the world, and I hope that this year will be even more enriching than the previous ones.

To start this year 2022, what better way than to reflect on my professional and personal goals for this year? Let's get started!

Personal goals:

  • Travel to Italy. I have some Italian origins but I never visited Italy even though it is close to France. Milano, Genoa, Roma, Venice, Palermo, Bologna, Verona, Naples, Florence… These cities are so charming, full of history and make me dream! So I really want to go with my boyfriend this year. However, I can say that this goal is half realised as I spent a few hours in Ventimiglia, right next to the French border, for the first meal of the year as we were in Nice, right next door.

  • Travel to Austria. Because of the pandemic, it has become difficult to travel. So I hope that 2022 will be the year when the situation will improve and we will be able to travel a bit more freely. I have signed up to take part in the International Marketing Week in Vienna, Austria, for a week of immersion and work on a project about animals. I'm very excited to participate in this IMW, and the city of Vienna attracts me, its charm appeals to me a lot. So, even if International Marketing Week is cancelled (and I'm crossing my fingers that it isn't!), I think I'll still try to travel there to visit this city.

  • Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. I think everyone knows that drinking water is vital for us, and drinking lots of it is very beneficial. Unfortunately, I don't drink enough of it and I tend to drink a lot of soda (I can’t get enough of Coca-Cola). So I think that a vital goal for 2022 is to drink less soda and more water, at least 2 litres a day. To do this I need to buy a nice water bottle that will make me want to drink.

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. We hear all the time that we should eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. However, I have a lot of trouble with this. The colours, textures and smells of some fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables, bother me and block me. So I don't eat enough fruit and vegetables, if any at all. So I think that during 2022, I should force myself to eat fruits and vegetables and learn how to cook them to include them in my diet. I think this is one of the goals if achieved, that I would be most proud of!

  • Get closer to my body goal. I am tired of feeling bad in my body. Also, I feel like my body is weak: I get tired quickly, I feel flabby, and I have no strength to carry shopping bags. So, this year, I would like to seriously start working out to tone and shape my body to feel better.

  • Reduce my tobacco consumption. I tend to get carried away some days and smoke a bit too much, especially when I drink alcohol. I know I won't be able to quit now and I don't really want to at the moment, but I'd like to cut down on the consumption to be more reasonable.

  • Stop shaving, and start waxing. Shaving is so much easier than waxing: it's cheaper, easier, painless, quick and you can do it anywhere. But when I compare my hair with the hair of my friends who wax, it's better and much healthier. Moreover, plastic razors quickly end up in the bin, it's very bad for the planet. I've always been reluctant to wax because I'm afraid of the pain, and it's a budget because I'd have to go to an esthetician to avoid doing it all wrong by myself. But, I think I'm going to start seriously this year, little by little, it will only be good for me.

  • Stop biting my nails: I can't take it anymore. As soon as my nails grow a little I can't stop biting them, and it's really sad because I love having long nails! Even with nail extensions, I still have my nails in my mouth, which is quite dirty, and which is bad for my teeth, because it's one of the reasons why my teeth are splayed. So in 2022, I'm going to buy little fiddly toys to avoid the urge to bite my nails, I'm going to wear bitter-tasting nail polish to disgust me, and I'm going to get pretty manicures to discourage me from ruining it. I'm convinced I can do it, I'm motivated!

  • Straighten my teeth. As I said before, my teeth are out of alignment because of nail-biting, bad tongue placement, etc... I have spaces, and it's a big problem for me. So this year I want to find part-time jobs to earn some money to pay for my teeth to be straightened by an orthodontist. This will work for a couple of years, with transparent aligners that I’ll have to keep all day, so that I can get my teeth straight again, like before! It's an investment but it's something that will allow me to be much more confident and accept myself. I hope to have the money before the autumn of 2022 to start the treatment as soon as possible.

Professional goals:

  • Graduate! The first semester of my last year of Bachelor PR and Comms Management at Solent University has already passed, time goes by so fast. I'm working hard for this degree, I'm putting passion and dedication into it and I'm hoping to get my degree so I can feel accomplished and proud of myself.

  • Start my master. I don't plan to stop my studies here, because I think I have so much more to learn, and I don't think I'm ready to leave school now, because I love it. I have in mind to do a master in digital communication, in “sandwich” if possible (4 days in the company, 1 day at school with full weeks at school some months). Now I have to select some schools, apply, and we'll see in September what happens!

  • Continue to update my website (portfolio, blog). add content often so that I can look back on my career, post my news, and attract potential employers and/or new contacts.

  • Open an Instagram account. I had the idea to create an Instagram account to share what I learn, what I see, what I think and what I know. Knowing my personality, I'm a bit messy and I'm interested in everything, so I think there would be a bit of everything on this account: communication, public relations, beauty, fashion, people, travel. In short, it would be an Instagram account that gathers everything I like, and that could reach people who are interested in the same things as me, and who want to know more about communication and public relations.

  • Develop my network. This year, I would like to meet people, discover new profiles, new jobs and learn new things. In addition, I think that having a developed and large network on platforms like LinkedIn for example, allows you to always be able to learn and seize new opportunities!

Voila! These were my goals for this year 2022, I hope that I will be able to achieve as much as possible. I believe in it, I am motivated and determined. I think 2022 is going to be a good year full of opportunities!

I would love to know what your resolutions are and how you see 2022!

Thanks for reading me!

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